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Rotating Head Tube Cutoff Lathes

When cutting tubing or pipe to length, Hautau automatic tube cutoff lathes eliminate secondary deburring or chamfering operations. Our rotating-head cutoff machines produce finished tubular parts with chamfers on all edges. Built-in routines include facing, boring, grooving, deep weld-bevels and OD turning. The stationary tube is gripped by two chucks, so we can maintain precise control of both the infeed tube and the cutoff piece. CNC servos move both tube ends for chamfering, boring, grooving and facing.

Click here for videos showing how our advanced cutoff lathes can face and chamfer both ends of the tube in a continuous sequence.

• Servo control of tool feed and tube positioning insures precise cutting and chamfering.
• Tube chucking and feeding are programmable so you can produce complex parts with fast setups.
• Our tube cutoff lathes cut handle a diameter range of up to 4 inches with no tool setup required .
• Chamfers can be different depths, plus facing, boring, chamfering and grooving.
• Process tubes up to 9 inches diameter, from one-half inch long up to 60 feet long.