Western s Micro II Air Gage Readout provides fast and accurate measurements of straight and tapered internal and external diameters. The air gage instrument features include a built in microprocessor, digital and analog displays, RS-232 serial data outputs, and auto calibration with master gages. Taper angles and datum diameters are displayed with resolutions to 5 micro-inches or .1 microns. Applications include measurement of machine tool spindle tapers, tool holders and medical implant tapers. Western also designs and manufactures custom air gages for precision I.D. and O.D. match fittings, inspecting flatness, concentricity, perpendicularity, and parallelism.

Custom manufacturer of variety of dimensional gages including air probe gages compliant to (AGD) American gage design standard. Gages are available in sizes ranging from 0.59 in. to 8.260 in. Materials used include steel & chromium. Gages are suitable for measurement of various dimensions including internal & external diameter, flatness, square-ness, thickness & taper measuring in automobile, aviation, instrumentation & electronics industry.